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Tuition Increase Beginning September 1st:


As we move into the 2020 fall semester, I will be increasing my tuition rates.  I am confident you will find that these rates reflect the overall value and individualized services that I provide as a seasoned, professional instructor.  Please kindly note that these rates are competitive with the current market in our area and correspond with the increase in demand for my particular mentorship and sought-after time slots.  I do not take for granted that each of my students has a choice in their specific music instructor.  As such, I sincerely hope that my 13 years of teaching experience, work ethic and the pride that I take in my work is met with a mutual passion, ambition and commitment to the development and joy of music by each of my students. Should you have any questions or concerns regarding this message, please do not hesitate to reach out to me in person or in writing. 


Monthly rates are as follows:


30 minutes per week  = $140/month
45 minutes per week  = $210/month
60 minutes per week  = $280/month




New Billing Cycle Dates


This year’s fall semester will start September 1st and my billing dates have also been adjusted to occur the first week of each month.  If you are a current student, any lessons from the previous billing cycle have been pro-rated and billed at the previous rates.  I will not bill at the new rates without a simple confirmation that you intend to continue lessons into the 2020 fall semester.

A Short Background and Thank You!


To all of my students, whether you’ve been with me for 10 years or a few months, thank you for growing with me! As you may or may not know, I started teaching guitar right out of high school at age 19 in Heber. When I was 21, I was accepted to an apprenticeship program with Utah Conservatory where I quickly worked my way up the ladder from “apprentice” to “basic” to “advanced” and finally to “veteran” staff.  I taught with the conservatory for 8 years before deciding to break away and start my own studio in 2018.  This September will mark my 13th year teaching in the Park City area.  To those of you that followed me to my new studio, I can’t express how grateful I have been in having you with me while starting a new business and the patience you may have had to employ at times as I learned the joys and challenges of first time business ownership! I have now built a wonderful student base and I am blessed to have a full schedule with almost no time slots left and a waiting list to boot!  Thank you so much for sharing the joy of music with me!



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